Service Assurance, Monitoring & Troubleshooting

Hosted IP Communications providers are continually striving to improve the quality of service delivered to customers, whilst at the same time looking to reducing operating costs.

This is made more challenging through the constant threat of Fraud presenting a great risk to lose a huge amount of money in a matter of hours. AVC One Assurance, based on the Acme Packet PALLADION software suite, has been designed to specifically address these challenges for Hosted IP Communications providers.

Cost Reductions

Through a significant reduction in the time to close trouble tickets via advanced troubleshooting and reporting functionality.

Network Independence

Providing complete autonomy of the vendor systems deployed supporting a multitude of signalling protocols and deployment models.

Improved Service Quality

Through constant monitoring of the service infrastructure, enabling upcoming issues to be identified before services are affected.

Revenue Protection

Enables fraudulent behaviour to be detected via automation, meaning there is no need to configure complex behavioural pattern of users.

Increased Service Revenues

Enables capabilities to be made available in a partitioned manner offering Service Assurance to resellers or end customers on a monthly subscription basis.

About Palladion

PALLADION is fully distributed in design and comprises a number of logical components, including Signalling Probes, RTP Probes and Mediation Engine – this component is forwarded compressed data from probes and performs all correlation, storage and analysis functions providing a Web interface. Quality feedback from customer located devices (e.g. IP Phones, Gateways, CPE Probes) also presents a view of voice quality at both the Core network and Enterprise network locations.

System Architecture

PALLADION is a nonintrusive monitoring solution which is completely vendor-agnostic supporting any Unified Communications network environment. The system provides real-time correlation of call and registration data providing an end-to-end network view, allowing service related issues to be quickly identified and resolved.