Hosted Telephony Features

With AVC One Hosted Telephony, you get a fully-fledged business-class VoIP service.

Not only will we host the entire service through our high speed network and advanced data centres, we will also guarantee service levels and uptime through a stringent SLA.

Mobile to Landline

Call a client with your personal mobile phone and have your business number appear on their Caller ID. You can use your business number consistently without passing on your personal number

One Number

Give out one number and stay available, on your terms

User Portal

Staff resourcing to review performance and use “what if” calculations to forward plan staff shifts.


Receive business calls at home when you choose, without giving out your home number. You appear to be at work in a professional environment no matter where you are.

Auto Re-Route

When the remote office feature is active, all incoming calls to your business phone are intercepted and rerouted to the number of your choice.

Detailed Features

The Alternate Numbers service allows a user to have up to ten alternate phone numbers in addition to the main phone number and to assign one of four distinctive ring patterns to each alternate number. In addition, a distinctive call waiting tone is associated with each distinctive ring pattern.

The Anonymous Call Rejection service enables a user to reject calls from parties who have explicitly restricted their identities. Another name for this service is Anonymous Caller Rejection.

The Authentication service provides authentication of sessions for Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)- based customer premises equipment to prevent unauthorized access to the system.

The Automatic Callback (ACB) service allows a user to be notified when the previously called busy party becomes idle and is connected without having to redial the phone number. Depending on system configuration, the Automatic Callback service can only be activated against BroadWorks users or against non-BroadWorks users as well.

The Call Forwarding Always (CFA) service allows a user to redirect all incoming calls to another destination automatically.

The Call Forwarding Busy service allows a user to redirect incoming calls to another destination when the user is busy.

The Call Forwarding No Answer service allows a user to redirect incoming calls to another destination when the user does not answer within a specified number of rings.

The Call Forwarding Not Reachable service allows users to redirect incoming calls to a configurable destination when the user’s device is unreachable or unregistered.

The Call Forwarding Selective service allows a user to redirect their incoming calls to a specified destination based on selective criteria specified by the user.

The Call Me Now service allows an external party to initiate a Click-To-Dial call to a BroadWorks user. For example, a BroadWorks user can place a Call-Me-Now link on a web site and let non- BroadWorks parties request to be called by them. The call is established by BroadWorks at no cost to the external party.

The Call Notify service allows a user to receive e-mail notifications about selected incoming calls based on the specified selective criteria.

The Call Return service enables a user to return the call from the last party that called. The system stores the number of the last party that called, and when the user dials a recall feature access code, the system attempts to connect the user to that party.

The Call Transfer service enables the user to transfer a call to a specified destination. Call transfers can be blind, with third-party consultation, or with three-way consultation. In addition, the Busy Camp On and Call Transfer Recall features allow the user to camp the call to transfer on a busy destination and to be recalled if the transferred call is not answered for any reason. Another option, Diversion Inhibitor, enables the user to prevent transferred calls from being redirected.

The Call Waiting service enables a user to answer a call while already engaged in another call.

This service enables a user to block delivery of their identity to the called party

This service is a terminating service that delivers the identity of the calling party to the user who has the service via the CommPilot Call Manager and device (if capable).

The Calling Name Delivery and Calling Number Delivery services allow independent delivery of calling name and calling number to the user.

The Calling Name Retrieval service allows BroadWorks to provide a caller’s name to a user by retrieving the calling name from a PSTN-hosted database through a Signalling System 7 (SS7)- enabled network element such as a Softswitch.

The Communication Barring User-Control (CB-UC) service allows a user to screen calls of specific types made from their account.

This service allows the calling party to be presented with the identity of the connected party, which may or may not be the dialled party.

This service allows a user to control whether their connected identity is restricted when being sent to the remote user for Connected Line Identification Presentation purposes.

The Custom Ringback User service allows a user to play a custom Ringback tone instead of the standard Ringback tone for calls that satisfy selective criteria defined by the user.

This service allows a user to set their status to “unavailable” and not be notified of incoming calls

The Last Number Redial service allows a user to make a call to the last dialled number without having to re-enter the number.

The Physical Location service controls whether originating calls are allowed from physical locations other than those configured for the user’s device. This provides proper support of emergency calling in countries and regions where the location of a user cannot be derived from a user’s phone number.

The Priority Alert service enables a user to have a certain incoming calls ring on their phone with a different tone, for example, when they receive a call from their manager or spouse or when the call is from inside the group.

This service enables a user to accept calls selectively, based on configurable conditions. Calls that do not meet the specified conditions are rejected and provided a treatment.

This service enables a user to define criteria that causes certain incoming calls to be rejected and provided a treatment. Additional criteria are automatically created by the system when calls are reported as malicious by the Customer Originated Trace service. All other calls terminate as usual.

The Speed Dial 100 service allows a user to place calls using a directory of up to 100 frequently called numbers. The user dials the associated two-digit speed code, preceded by a configurable prefix.

The Three-Way Calling service enables a user to make a three-way call with two other parties, whereby all parties can communicate with each other.