Unified Collaboration

The ability for businesses to bring together a range of cloud-based communications services, that are device independent, to provide genuinely unified collaboration will deliver tremendous competitive advantage.

It is estimated that by 2020 there will be in excess of 50 billion connected devices on the planet.

The ability for businesses to bring together a range of cloud-based communications services, that are device independent, to provide genuinely unified collaboration will deliver tremendous competitive advantage.

In addition it will personalise individual experiences like never before unlocking productivity, efficiency and flexibility in the workplace.

User expectations are growing and a rich service set, delivered seamlessly on a wide variety of devices, leveraging open application development environments such as iOS and Android is now the standard.

Hosted Telephony

Hosted Telephony

With AVC One Hosted Telephony, you get a fully-fledged business-class VoIP service.

Call Centre Application

Call Centre Application

Enables service providers to take advantage of the growing market demand for hosted Call Centre solutions

Voice/Video Conferencing

Voice/Video Conferencing

Smart offices accommodate the demand for convenient communication and collaboration anytime and anywhere.

Call Recording

Call Recording

Above and beyond the traditional functions of call recording, bringing revolutionary levels of perception to a user’s communications

Call Reporting

Call Reporting

Monitor queues and manage customer-facing teams via live dashboards, reports and wallboards.

White Labelling

White Labelling

By joining the AVC One’s Channel Partner Programme, you will benefit from additional training, resources, tools and information to keep you ahead.

AVC One is Leading the Way


AVC One hosted solutions are predictable, all inclusive and cost- effective. As there is no need to purchase the equipment all expenses are operational, on a month-to-month, per seat basis. This ‘Pay-as-you-go’ model allows you to minimise costs and waste in your business.

Self-Service & Customisable

With our hosted solutions new users and offices can be setup in real-time via our secure online client portal, or by calling customer services. This allows your system to scale up and down based on your business needs.


With AVC One, clients can also pick from an array of applications to create the most effective communication solution that works best for their needs and can be delivered immediately.


Unlike a premise-based solution, hardware and software geographical redundancy is simple to deliver with AVC One. Our hosted unified communications service provides multi-site, unified messaging capabilities.

Outsourced Maintenance

With AVC One hosted solutions you can outsource all the maintenance tasks to an expert provider who takes care of the 24/7/365 system management, dramatically reducing costs and staffing overheads which can be deployed elsewhere.

Evergreen Technology

The refresh cycle on technology solutions has shortened to an average of just 3 years, a major capital investment. With AVC One hosted solutions clients get access to an evergreen technology as all future upgrades are included in our service.


AVC One hosted solutions offer a 99.999% Quality of Service and utilises a point-to-point data network for every customer. We also continually monitor traffic over the network to ensure toll quality voice at all times.

Business continuity and disaster avoidance is achieved via two redundant data centres ensuing 100% uptime and providing a level of service which is costly and challenging with on-premise solutions.

Single Vendor

With our hosted solutions clients manage one single vendor for all their communication needs – voice, data and applications – to simplify billing, maintenance and support. Each account has a dedicated support team guaranteeing quality of service 24/7/365.

Why Hosted & Unified Communications?


A lack of access to capital combined with a demand to reduce costs by leveraging technology is driving a migration toward hosted communications resulting in a lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and reduced capital investment requirement.

Workforce Mobility

As organisations embrace the advantages of increased worker flexibility the demand for services delivering seamless integration of fixed and mobile end points has grown, resulting in single number-any device solutions to maximise employee reachability.

Technology Lifecycles

Constant and accelerating technological change increases risk and costs. Unlike premise based solutions, hosted communications eliminates obsolescence, large capital investments in hardware and insulates the organisation from the proliferation of end user devices.

Agile Services

Rapid service activation and innovation (over IP using SIP protocol) facilitates integrated ICT tools to improve collaboration and increased productivity at lower costs.

Cloud Migration

More and more business processes and IT services are migrating to the cloud and in the process delivering benefits such simplified management, scaleability and lower costs.

Additionally, adopting cloud based solutions allows for better integration with other services improving efficiency and eliminating friction.