Smart Signage

Supporting your business’ digital transformation with a next-generation hosted signage platform focused on technology integration, AI data analytics and seamless personalised experiences.

AirBlocks™ can be scheduled to deliver digital brand content and messaging on an International, National, Regional or location specific basis.

We undertake the daily hosting and management of traditional signage, IPTV streaming, info and training content networks as well as live complex simultaneous multi-frame content scenarios, on-screen message and national synchronised brand networks.

Manage your Media

Easily and Efficiently

AirBlocks™ allows you to easily and efficiently upload your desired imagery, video, web and intranet pages, RSS feeds or IPTV streams straight to our database with just the click of a button. All content is tagged with metadata and fully prepared to allow you to schedule and publish to your required digital players.

Display Content in Multiple Zones

Divide your Screen to present varied content

AirBlocks™ allows you to create a layout in both portrait and landscape with multiple zones applicable to both. General advertising, clock and weather widgets, live TV display, latest news tickers or personal messages/updates are examples of content that could be used for display with flexible use of the multiple zones available.

Effectively Schedule your Content

Create content playlists with drag-and-drop function

AirBlocks™ allows you to create your own unique playlists ready to display your published content to your desired format. Default playlists are available to use or you can create your own playlist yourself with playback settings to be based on times, dates, tags or recurrence for content to be played Just the way you want it when required.

Choose your Content Location

Publish content Regionally, Nationally or Internationally

AirBlocks™ enables the flexibility to enable digital content publishing to any location whether that be to a regional, national or international group of screens.

Display & Download Reports

Stats/statistics on your content, devices and users

AirBlocks™ allows you to easily display stats and statistics regarding your digital content. This enables you to track the performance of all functions regarding your published content, including the content display, the devices it is presented upon and the users associated with the content making you aware as to if your content is being displayed to your satisfaction.

Manage your User Access

Set up permissions as to who can access/edit content

AirBlocks™ allows you to, once you have registered and published content, to control additional users who can have access to your online content. Whether it be employees or associates who you would like to enable the use of content control, or if you would like to restrict individuals to limited access to functions, we can provide this in a quick and simple process for admin user satisfaction.

Device Status Control

Control your content as to being online/offline

Once you have registered and published your digital content, AirBlocks™ allows you to track your content and its status using the content manager. With multiple campaigns on display at once, Airblocks makes it easy for you to monitor your content from one place. You can determine if screens are active; If your content is playing to the anticipated timeframe; If new content is live etc.

Use our Template Apps

Create weather/clock apps using our templates

AirBlocks™ allows you to use our useful template apps as part of your published digital content, with templates available for weather and time updates. Our weather templates can give 24/7 updates on the current forecast within the area of the specific digital screen, as well as the clock template giving you the latest time in the specific time zone.