Cyber-Security & GDPR

As we rapidly move toward a corporate landscape of exponentially increasing cyber attacks and potential penalties from GDPR legislation, compliance becomes business critical.

The global cost of cyber-attacks is currently $3 trillion per year (2018) and is predicted to double by 2021 (Gartner). Additionally, the implementation of GDPR laws has intensified the enforcement of data protection and increased the potential fines for breach by several orders of magnitude.

Once you factor in the potential loss of reputation, consumer confidence and damage to your brand, cyber-security and compliance with GDPR becomes an essential component of your business.

AVC One can help you define and implement a comprehensive strategy - encompassing your people, processes and technology -  to reduce risk of attack, respond to attacks better and ensure you are always compliant with the prevailing legislation.

GDPR Compliance & Legistlation

AVC One provides effective products and services to keep our client’s data secure and their online presence constantly protected. The latest innovation in the field of cyber is our GDPR compliance procedures.

Our unique approach is technically driven and therefore is far superior from that of other companies. Our original methodology will handhold you through the process of GDPR and address all aspects for your compliance including Governance, ICT services, Websites, HR and Training.

Threat Intelligence & Simulation

Challenge your existing email protection mechanisms to identify security vulnerabilities that will be exploited in an attack and automatically fix them.

Awareness & Education

After a compromise you are relying on the Human response. The first step in improving awareness and response is to quantify your risk through phishing simulation with comprehensive tracking, reporting & training.

Incident Response

Incident Responder automates response processes and works at the inbox level to quickly close down and contain active threats.