Author - Steve Jackson

Top 10 benefits of digital signage in a modern retail environment

1. Reduces perceived wait time. One of the best things you can do to improve customer experience is to keep them entertained. A digital screen gives them something to do - it’s a lot less annoying to wait in line if you’ve got something to watch. As a result, perceived wait time drops. 2. Zero or low lead time ads. The lead time on a print ad is at a minimum six weeks. For most restaurant franchise companies, it’s even longer. But [...]


Planning Your Cloud Communications Migration: Navigating IT Priorities & LAN/WAN Management Challenges

This is part one of the fourth instalment in a five-part series on migrating business communications services (e.g., Business VoIP and Unified Communications) to the cloud. In our last blog, “Simplify Your Migration – Private and Public Cloud Solutions,” we reviewed why IT planners and communications service providers (CSPs) should take advantage of both private and public cloud options to streamline migration planning, mitigate project and operational risk, accelerate new service readiness, and optimise economics. In this post, we take on [...]